Cryptocurrency TutorialCryptocurrency Tutorial

Getting started with cryptocurrency is easier than ever in 2021.

Tip: if sending from a wallet/exchange where you need to pay your own transaction fees use Litecoin as it will have next to no fee. Just make sure you choose Litecoin at the checkout.

If you’d like to pay with a cryptocurrency not supported by our checkout (ADA, BNB etc.) just email us.

Exchanges that allow funding by e-transfer:
*Note most exchanges have a small funding fee and there will be a tiny transfer fee so add a bit extra when funding your account. We’ve discounted crypto payments to more than make up for it.*


Shakepay (no fees to deposit or withdraw, instant verification for most users, get a $30 sign-up bonus when using our referral link.)

Bitbuy (1.5% fee on funding by e-transfer, no transfer fees, account verification may take a few days and they ask for more info than other places.)

Coinfield (2% or min $15 to fund by e-transfer, transfer fees, instant verification for most users.)

BullBitcoin (you will need to set up your own wallet as they don’t have hosted ones.)


Coinbase allows funding your account with a credit card, but the fees are very high so it should only be used as a last resort.

While many people store their cypto on the exchange this carries a small risk as exchanges (Quadriga for example) have been known to go under and take your cypto with them. A good practice is to not store more than you’re willing to lose on an exchange, and consider a hardware wallet for maximum security.

Reddit is a good place to ask any questions you may have.