dye (noun)

to impart color

We’re a small dye company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Very small, in fact – we’re two lads who have both had a life long fascination with natural dyes. No big, impersonal corporation here.

Our Mission

We believe that mindful sourcing combined with rigorous quality testing and tip-top service can brighten up the world while treading gently on the earth. Our mission is to make the world a more colourful place and help others do the same.


100% Natural

All of our herbs are unprocessed and quality tested, without any chemical additives. Plants are wild-sourced or cultivated to maximize sustainability and preservation objectives.


Fast & Discrete Shipping

All orders are packaged discretely and shipped exclusively by Canada Post. Customers can chose either Xpress Post or standard letter mail (when applicable).


100% Canadian

We are a fully Canadian company based in Vancouver, BC and only serve Canadians.


Private & Secure

We are committed to your privacy. Our site is hosted on a secure web server using SSL and 2048 bit encryption. Add a PGP key to your profile and we will encrypt all emails sent to you. We recommend using ProtonMail as a free, privacy-focused email provider.